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Monday, January 16, 2012

bead and ribbon bracelet

So I made a super easy bracelet to give to a few friends who have birthdays coming up.  All it requires is 26 gauge wire, 45 medium sized beads in three colors (I used white, black and gray), several 4 mm black beads and 1/8" sheer black ribbon.

Cut enough wire to wrap around your wrist and string 45 of the medium sized beads on the wire.  Twist to connect the bracelet when you are through.
Cut a length of wire longer than the first and twist to secure it to the bracelet.  Start stringing the 4 mm black beads along it.  Wrap it around the bracelet over and over as you string.  Twist to secure when you are done.
Cut a length of ribbon slightly longer than the bracelet.  Wrap it around and around the bracelet and tie in a bow once you have gone all the way around.
There you go...a cute little bead and ribbon bracelet!!  I did it while watching Burn Notice - it required very little concentration.   Happy birthday, Trista and Allison!!

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