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Friday, January 6, 2012

child's scarf

So I decided that this week's crafted gift would be a scarf for my three year old niece, Sadie.  Fortunately it has been 55 degrees lately so there is no real need for it right now, because it is taking me longer than I had anticipated.  I forgot that I am a slow knitter.  Plus I have not quite gotten the hang of purling yet, so this scarf is strictly made up of knits.  I cast on fifteen stitches in this pretty multicolored yarn and knitted 20 rows.  Then, I did 20 rows in a pretty lavender colored yarn.  I am just going to keep alternating until I have a long enough scarf.
When I decided to learn to knit, I had all these lofty goals.  Thus far, I have only made scarves. I've got to learn to purl!!!  Anywho . . . I'll post a picture as soon as I finish it.  I may end up having to do this and another craft for next week if I don't get the lead out and finish it soon.

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